Saturday, 23 February 2008

SEO's deteriorating health caused by Seocontest2008!

Seocontest2008 is causing health deterioration in SEO's taking part in the seocontest2008 ! The seo's from all over the world are constantly on their computers putting in long hours in front of their monitor neglecting their health and having a very sedentary lifestyle!

As you all know that prolonged periods of sitting without exercising gives rise to obesity, sluggish blood flow leading to Deep Vein Thrombosis, increased oral intake of food causing weight gain which in turn cause atheroma deposition in the heart arteries - which in the long term can cause heart attacks etc.

Also the top seo's are getting stressed trying to stay 2 steps ahead of their competitors and constantly trying "think out of the box". The SEO's who are smokers have increased their cigarette consumption further leading to accumulation of toxic effects of the cigarette smoke!

I hope all the seo's are trying to get regular exercise etc so as to counteract the ill effects of trying to compete in the seocontest2008

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